Purpose: To protect children and yung people who take part in activities at the Village Hall. This includes the children of adults who use the facilities.

To ensure that users of the Village Hall facilities are aware of their responsibilities when young people (0-18years) take part in organised activities or functions.

Scope: This policy applies to all members of the Management Committee, users of Village Hall facilities, organisers of events and activities and anyone working at the West Lulworth Village Hall.

Review: The Policy will be reviewed annually by the Secretary to the Village Hall Committee and submitted to the Committee for approvalat the meeting following the AGM.

Principles: We recognise that all children regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief need to be safeguarded.

Procedure: The policy will be posted on the Main Notice Board in the Village Hall and included on the web-site. Those booking the hall would be asked to take note of the Policy either on the web-site or the on the Main Notice Board. Guidelines outlining trhe risks faced by young people which can take the form of potential physical, sexual and emotional harm are appended to the policy.

Guidelines will include a definition of the types of abuse that could be faced by young people and an outline of the procedures to be adopted in order to respond to allegations or suspicion of abuse.

Further advice will be included for activity organisers to ensure that they avoid situations that could place them in a vulnerable position.

These guidelines will be included as appendices to this policy document.

NB: Appendices are available to view on the Main Notice Board in the Village Hall.