The Main Hall

The main hall is capable of accommodating a maximum of 160 persons seated in rows, or about 100-120 seated at tables, depending on the arrangement. There is a stage, a full range of stage sound and lighting equipment, and a control room elevated to provide a good command of the stage and hall. The Hall has good acoustics and a hearing loop. The stage (1m up) is the full width of the main hall and 6m deep allowing for a good sized production. Curtains and backdrop facilities are there but obviously props need to be created by the hirer. There is a double hatch (which can remain closed during performances allowing catering to go on in the background) opening between the kitchen and hall. There are double entry doors and also double doors to the car parking area. These give good wheelchair access and provide an easy way to bring in large amounts of equipment. The floor area is approximately 16.5m x 9m.

The Meeting Room
This is suitable for meetings/small events of up to 20 persons with tables. It is ideal also for a buffet associated with a main hall event such as a wedding or party. The floor area is approximately 6m x 4m.

The Kitchen
Oven, microwave, fridge and usual equipment. 4 persons can comfortably work in this area. This is equally accessible from the main hall and the meetings room so anyone requiring exclusive access must book the full hall.

There are separate gents, ladies & disabled toilets, with limited coat-hanging space.

This is by oil boiler, which maintains a background level of heating in cold weather. The full heating capability is turned on and off by the hirer.

There is parking at the front, rear, and right-hand side of the hall for about 20 cars (parking permitted only in the marked spaces), and a boules rink (which may or may not have been recently weeded!)

A coin-operated public telephone is provided. Currently internet access is not available through this telephone line. Mobile phone reception is rather patchy throughout Lulworth with some coverage by Vodafone, O2 and EE.

Extracts from ‘Conditions of Hire’

1. The hall must be left in a clean and tidy state ready for the next hirer.
2. Small tables and brown-padded chairs should be in the committee room.
3. As many as possible of the black chairs (if used) should be on the trolley under the stage.
4. 17 large tables and all blue-padded chairs should be in the main hall. To avoid damage, these tables should be stowed under the left hand side of the stage exactly as illustrated on the doors.
5. Heating may be turned on using the appropriate key in the wall lock(s) near the doors into the main & meetings rooms. The key must be left in the lock until the heat is turned off.
6. No Blu-tack or sticky tape may be used on the plaster walls.
7. The water boiler in the kitchen must be emptied.
8. For set-up time, and full day hire, eg weddings, and for private parties, special rates may apply. Please contact the bookings officer or the treasurer